Yoga Has Exploded 
Across The Planet!

Typed by - Ram Dass Bir Singh Khalsa - Copyright 2001.
Unless you've been meditating in a deep cave for 
the last year or so, you've probably noticed that: 
Yoga is fast becoming the craze.  

So why is yoga growing faster than coffee shops?  Why is it becoming the most popular exercise for health and well-being?  And what is this yoga thing anyway?  Many celebrities and super stars like Madona seem to know, since she's been telling everyone how great yoga is.  Could she really be that enlightened, as to have found the key to true happiness, or is it just another part of her act?  Woody Harrelson, of the former TV show Cheers, is practicing yoga - has he just smoked too much, or is he on to something?  And right in front of me, in a Kundalini Yoga class, was Gina Lee Nolin, formerly of Bay Watch.  Jane Fonda, Raquel Welch, and Kathy Smith, all star in their own yoga videos.  Mariel Hemingway teaches yoga in her own yoga studio.  Many health practitioners are recommending yoga as a healthy dose of preventive medicine.  Scientist and professional people all over are practicing it, studying it, or talking about it.  There are so many books and videos on the subject, that you can get lost trying to find the best one appropriate for you.  

"Yogi Bhajan says that in twelve years, form 40 to 60% of the population will be practicing some form of yoga."  

We hear stories of yogis levitating, stopping their heartbeat, and using siddhis (psychic abilities) to impress people.  In truth these are all just the glitter at the base of the mountain.  Glitter that inflates the ego, and sucks out our energy, to keep us going in circles - never to find our way back to our true home.  Preachers, TV Evangelists, and Occultists, use the power of suggestion (hypnosis) and group energy to give you a smidgen of this Kundalini energy.  They tell you that it's the light of Jesus, Amen Ra, or some Avatar, spirit, or even themselves - to empress you out of your money, and inflate their ego.  
When I was a practicing Hypnotist and Magician I could cause people to see and feel things that weren't even there, just by the power of suggestion and misdirection.  When I combined parapsychology with hypnosis I found out I could age regress certain people back into a former life.  One spoke a different language that he never learned, at least not in this incarnation, and another found out that he was a writer in a former life; he even found a book that had been written by his previous self.  I even taught a friend ESP, and he used his precognitive abilities to win a lot of money at the horse races.  I then learned that if you misuse these abilities, they will leave, and that's exactly what happened.
When I began practicing Kundalini yoga, I learned that by just holding up your arms above the level of your shoulders, for a certain length of time, that you could release endorphins from your brain to counter the pain and give yourself an experience of euphoria.  Have you seen the preachers who have you hold up your arms in praise of Jesus, to give an experience of rapture or the Holly Ghost?

"In Kundalini Yoga we do not initiate anyone.  No human rules another human.  Thou shall be self-initiated."  
-Yogi Bhajan  

Then there are the bogies who initiate you into their secret practice, yet in reality, all you need do is to initiate yourself - within you.  It's all within you.  The Guru is within you, and is you.  It doesn't come from someone else, it comes from you; I have nothing to do with that.  All I can do is point you in one of the many directions, which lead you to perfection.

"Everything else is you, I have nothing to do with that." 
-Yogi Bhajan

A preacher will preach and give you roses, but roses will soon rot and die.  A teacher will teach and give you a technology, a practice to become healthy, happy, and whole; so you can fly above all the rottenness of life and the lies you have been told for thousands of years.  Though there are many roads, names, mantras, and yoga's, just as all rivers merge in the same ocean, all energy flows into that one spine.  Inside our bodies with 72,000 conduits of energy (called nadis or meridians), there is one Grand Central Channel called the Shushmana, which is in the center of our spine, in the center of our body which is our hub.  It connects us from the finite to the infinite.  It is there so we can find our way back home.  All effective ways will take you up through this Grand Channel.  So climb into your vehicle, your Ek-Ong-Kar, or whatever you call it, and step on your gas - your Kundalini - and go up, and up, and up into infinity - until you experience that you are the "ONE IN ALL." 

"God and I are One.  -"Vedanta

"All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players.  They have their exits and their entrances, and one man in his time plays many parts"  
-William Shakespeare
The Many Facets of 
Kundalini, Raja, & Tantric Yoga!
"Kundalini or Supreme Power in the human body - is the Divine Cosmic Energy.  Kundalini is the creative energy that eventually forms mind and matter, and comes to rest in the lowest form of matter.  Kundalini is consciousness: the power of matter to know itself."   
-Sir John Woodroffe

Any action or practice that would raise the Life Energy into our life and fill our life with health, happiness, and being whole - came to be known as Kundalini Yoga; because Kundalini was the name given to the creative force that compelled us into existence.  Kundalini has it own blueprint, like that of a tiny seed, which can blossom into its own spectacular creation.  Over thousands, if not millions of years, a technology and science was put together that included every facet of life, to bring this about.  Over thousands of years this technology became diversified, changed, polluted, lost, and esoteric or secret.  George Feuerstein, Ph.D., who has written over thirty books on yoga - has classified over "forty different types of yoga" from the Sanskrit literature.  Today we have names like: Aerobic Yoga, Power Yoga, Enochian Yoga, Egyptian Yoga, and even Emptiness Yoga, just to name a few.  Let's not forget "The Complete Idiot's Guide To Yoga" or "Yoga For Dummies." 

 Yogi Bhajan has said that there are basically six systems of yoga, which all other varieties come under.

"There are twenty-two kinds of yoga.  There are six systems, but they have varieties, and that variety makes twenty-two kinds.  And all prepare you for Kundalini yoga. "That's why we do it directly.  It's a time saving device, no big deal."  
- Yogi Bhajan

The word yoga simply means union.  Every system of yoga is part of a whole, as the branches are part of the one tree, to harness our Kundalini and bring about a union.  This union is a union with our Higher-Self, Inner-Self, Infinite-Self, or True-Self; call it the Sat Guru, Atma, or Christ Consciousness, as it has twenty four hundred thousand million names - yet it is all you.  That one you within you, just waiting for a union. 

"The word yoga has a whole range of meanings, the simplest being 'union.'  It is derived from the verbal root yuj, meaning  'to yoke' or to 'harness'.  Early on it came to be applied specifically to the control of the mind and senses."   
-George Feuerstein
All Yoga Is A Union With Our Kundalini -
Kundalini Is The Blueprint Of Our Soul.

Tantric Yoga - Expansion Through Experience:

Tantra is derived from the root tan, to extend or expand."  It's when we expand the experience of our finite-self, into a union with Infinity.  (It doesn't mean for a man to expand his six inches into twelve inches.)  Tantric yoga is also an integral part of Kundalini Yoga.  White Tantric Yoga or Venus Kriya Yoga uses the diagonal polar energy of two people.  When this energy is combined, it becomes incredibly powerful to cut through all blocks, which block the flow of our Life Energy.  Red Tantric directs the sexual energy into our Infinite-Self, so we do not get lost in a humongous orgasm.  Tantric Yoga should always be learned from a competent teacher.

"Kundalini Yoga is the Tantric discipline involving the deliberate arousal of the Kundalini-shakti." 
-George Feuerstein

Raja Yoga - Will Power, To Control The Mind:

Raja means King.  A King sits on his throne and gives the commands and his servants carry out the orders.  When you are able to command your life energy to rise and heal your body, balance your mind, and awaken your soul - you become the king of your own abode or self.  Also known as Ashtanga or Classical Yoga, it has eight primary facets or limbs.  

"Raja Yoga Is When You Can Command The Mind To Do Kundalini Yoga.  Kundalini Yoga Gives You The Command, To Command The Mind.  Then you truly become a Raja or King."

Laya Yoga - Breath, Sound, & Rhythm:

Laya, Mantra, Naad, & Japa Yoga all use certain sounds with special breathing rhythms, to raise the Kundalini energy.  The word Laya means absorption.  It refers to suspension from the ordinary world and absorption into our Infinite-Self.  Man means mind.  Tra-ng means wave.  A Mantra controls the waves of the mind through the meridian points in the mouth; as the tongue and lips move they touch points, like pushing buttons, to activate certain glands. 
Hatha Yoga - Forceful Union of Sun & Moon Energy.

The force of Maha Bandha is used to raise our Kundalini, by balancing the energy of both sides of the body ha: sun, active; and tha: moon, passive.  

Karma Yoga - Service, Just Let The Energy Flow.
Bhakti Yoga - Love & Embrace Your Infinite Self.

JNANA OR GIAAN YOGA - Discriminating Wisdom.

"How sad to think that you go from forest to forest in search of that which Is wthin You."  

"For those who have conquered the body through self-control, through the fire of yoga, there is no disease, nor old age, nor death!"
Combining Energy In A Venus Kriya To Balance The Chakras.
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