Doing a Kriya for the Mind and Prosperity
Doing a Kriya for Strength & the Heart Chakra
Vic driking Yogi Tea after class
These pictures are about 10 years old - It’s 2013 and classes are now from 20 to 40 people.  I may move one class to Costa Mesa for more room.   Sat Nam – Wahe Guru!
-Ram Das Bir Singh  

Chanting or Intoning a Mantra To Balance The Glandular System
Yoga Is Not A Competition With Anyone Except Yourself.

All are welcome and no previous experience is necessary.

I have converted two rooms, in my house, into a Yoga Studio for a
 Kundalini Yoga Class In A Casual Cozy Environment Among Friends.
Kundalini Yoga Class In A Casual Cozy Environment

Mon, Tues, Wed - 7:30 to 9:30PM
$13.00 per session - Includes Yogi Tea and Cookies afterwards.
405 East 5th St.  Santa Ana, CA 92701  Call 714-547-1324
"Santa Ana is "SAFEST CITY' of its size in the nation, according to FBI.
Open The Doors To Your Chakras.
Find Out About The Whole Of Healing.
Learn About Sacred Sex and The Truth About Tantric Yoga.
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Yoga Has Many Branches
Many Facets
It's All Connected
Get Connected!
The Truth About The Kundalini Experience.
One God Is All - Come Back Soon
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Feel the Kundalini Energy
Don't Get Lost In Meditation.