The  Steering Wheels Of Life.

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The 8 Chakras or Wheels of Life
We all have eight principal centers of life that connect us from our physical body, to our Infinite-Self.  They are called "Chakras," (pronounced cha-kah-rahs).  On a physical level, they actually control and affect our glands, called the endocrine system.  On a mental level they affect the way we think, and on a level of consciousness, they can take us into the dirt, or into the heavens and beyond the superstrings of this multi-level universe.  Many of us are now opening the doors and discovering, if not experiencing, these connections, which connect us to our True-Self.   So let us take a short tour into the world of chakras.

The word chakra means wheel.  Chakras are like steering wheels, which steer us through life.  If one wheel is out of balance, we may wobble this way or that way out of control.  The 1st center is at the base of our spine called the Root Chakra, and the last center is the 8th chakra that surrounds our bodies, it's called the Aura or Auric Body.

From the base of our spine, the energy of life called Kundalini, where it is stored, rises up our spine to balance all our chakras and connect us to our Inner-Self.  When this energy is blocked, our chakras get out of balance and the connections to the elements that make us who we are, get out of balance.  From our glands to our health, from how we feel to how we think - it all relates to a balanced or imbalanced chakra.  If you read on, I will give you some very important clues about our chakras.  I will keep it clear and simple, and leave out all the esoteric stuff about deities, animals, yantras, and names difficult to articulate, as these are all just metaphors.
The Eight Chakras or Wheels Of Life.  

Chakras Can Be Described As DOORS.
"Openings That We Should Be Able To Open Or Close."

1: Earth Connection - Stillness
Survival, Shelter, Grounding, and the Life Force.

Located at the perineum, the base of our spine.  This center is our base or foundation, where we have the potential to take the earth and connect it to the heavens.  It is where the Life Force or Kundalini resides.  It has the ability to make this earth a heaven, or a hell.  When balanced - its magnetic field attracts and gives us security, shelter, food, and the earthly things we need to survive.  When out of balance - we feel insecure, lost, and never seem to get what we need.  We find it difficult to eliminate food from our body.  From constipation and hemorrhoids to excess weight, it all comes from a blocked 1st chakra.  Its color is red, enough said.  

2: Water Connection - Movement
Flowing, Creativity, Pleasure, and Sexuality. 

Located at the sex organ.  Its color is orange and element is water.  Like water, it gives us movement to come out of our shelter and create.  When balanced with our other chakras, we can all have a normal healthy sex life, full of creativity.  When out of balance, it can cause one to be terribly frigid or grossly oversexed.  If we dwell totally in this center we can develop sexual abnormalities.  From rape to molestation, from being gay to making love with animals (ouch) - it's all from an imbalanced 2nd chakra. 

3: Fire Connection - Combustion
Will Power or Weakness.  Create or Destroy.

Located at our navel point, where 72,000 nerve endings meet, and connects to our adrenal glands.  Its color is yellow like the sun and it gives us the fire and power to achieve in life.  We may have the creativity to create, but without the combustion of energy, our burning desires will fizzle out.  If we have too much fire, we can burn ourselves up in a never-ending desire.  If this connection is not balanced with the sensitivity of our Heart Connection, then we become a madman full of rage, hatred, and greed.  If this point is functioning well - we fill our life with strength and vitality and feel alive.  If not - we feel sick, weak, and dead to the world.  "Meditating with a balanced navel point or 3rd chakra, may achieve the same results in five minutes, as will occur meditating all day with a disconnected 3rd chakra."  Yogi Bhajan   

4: Air Connection - Expanding
Love, Forgiveness, Acceptance, and Fulfillment.

Located at the center of our chest, called the heart center, and connected to our thymus gland.   If we can coax the Life Force to enter into this center, the heart center, then we can truly expand into the experience of infinite love.  Our fires of desire will become fulfilled with the touch of compassion, the feeling of giving, and the ecstasy of infinity.  Nothing material can ever come close to that experience of loving all, forgiving all (including ourselves), and embracing our divine Infinite-Self.  It's equally important that this center is in equilibrium with our 3rd chakra.  If this center is not balanced with the warmth and coziness of fire, we may find ourselves in a cold world of self-pity, self-commiseration, and self-denial.  An overworked bleeding heart can cause cardio-vascular problems and weaken the thymus gland, which controls our immune system.  Its color is green, when balanced we can no longer be mean. "If this center is not open you cannot be compassionate."  Yogi Bhajan

5: Ether Connection - Speak and Create
Sound, Communication, and Purification. 

Located at the throat, blue in color, it connects to our thyroid glands, which aid in purifying our blood.  It is said that if we always speak truth, our words become true.  It's called vach siddhi, also known as "the power of the word."  Yogi Bhajan says: "The highest most effective energy on this planet is the word."  In a book called "Energy Maps, A Journey Through The Chakras," it says: "One who enters the 5th chakra becomes master of his entire self."  It's through our wordsthat we command.  It's through the element of etherthat we create.

6: Mind Connection - Intuition & Perception
Inner-Sight, Inner-Knowing, ESP.
Located at the eyebrow, indigo in color, connected to the pituitary gland, dubbed the THIRD EYE.  Its actual name is the Ajna (Ah-jah-nah) Chakra, meaning to perceive.  Have you ever had psychic experiences like precognition or clairvoyance?  What about intuition?  It gives us the insight to see and command.  If we are fat, can we see ourselves thin?  If working correctly, we can become thin by simple - creative visualization.  It's the command center to command all the other glands and chakras.

7: Consciousness Connection - Wahey Guru
Thoughts, Self-Realization, & Samadhi. 

Located at the top of the head, violet in color, it connects to our pineal gland.  It's labeled the THOUSAND PETALED LOTUS, because each petal represents one thought.  Our brain can produce 1000 thoughts in the wink of an eye- can we let go, and go beyond all the thoughts?  When the Kundalini enters this center of consciousness, then we go beyond all thoughts, and into a state of Indescribable Wisdom and Being - called Wahey Guru

8: Aura - The Container
The Shield Of Our finite-self, Into Our Infinite-Self.

Our Aura is called an "electromagnetic field of energy" that surrounds us in every direction.  It is the container for all the chakras.  It extends outwards from our body, up to nine feet.  It blocks out what is negative and lets in what is positive.  When Kundalini flows fully into this chakra - IT WILL BALANCE OUT ALL THE CHAKRAS - as it comes back to rest in our Navel Center.  At that moment, we truly become ENLIGHTENED.  We simply let the light in.  

"ENLIGHTEN" - To Let The Light In
The Kundalin Rising & Balancing All The Chakras.
More About Chakras

"For thousands of years in India it has been taught that humans live on seven levels.  These are visualized as seven wheels or chakras arranged [in and] up the body, starting from the lowest chakra at the base of the spine and ending with the highest at the top of the head."  Deepak Chopra M.D.

If one is very sensitive and has the ability to meditate, he or she can feel which chakras are out of balance.  Simply sit straight, relax and meditate on each chakra for a few minutes.  Look at the list in this booklet and start at your base, or 1st chakra.  Then work your way up the spine until you end up in the 8th chakra, the auric body.  Feel which chakras might be opened in excess or overly closed.  Do you feel secure, safe, and connected to the earth?  If so, it means your 1st chakra called the Root Center, is balanced.  If it's too closedyou may feel uncertain, scared, or lost in the world.  If it's too openyou can find yourself excessively attached to the earth, if not stuck in the mud.  

"In the chakra system each energy center warehouses a particular power...  First chakra energy manifests in our need for logic, order, and structure.  This energy orients us in time and space and to our five senses."  Caroline Myss, Ph.D. 

How much intuition, intuitiveness, or ESP do you have?  These are qualities that become available to you when you open your 6th center and begin to see through time and space.  It is located between the eyebrows, called the third eye, and connected to your pituitary gland.  In an adult human, our pituitary gland needs to be the size of a walnut for it to function correctly, which gives us insight and psychic abilities.  If this chakra doesn't get the required energy, our gland can be as small as a peaand our abilities the same size.  

"These unique centers, known as the chakras, process vibrational energy of specific frequencies into biological manifestations via our unique endocrine system."   Dr. Richard Gerber, M.D.

Let's take a quotation from M.S.S. Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Ph.D., who is the director of training and research for the K.R.I., Kundalini Research Institute:

"When Yogi Bhajan first started teaching in 1969 and began his discussion of the chakras, he told the students to study all the classical references to the many symbols related to the chakras, the works of Avalon (Sir John Woodroffe) and many others, to take the Sanskrit texts and the Agamas, and to make these more available.  At the same time he warned that he himself was a master of all these scriptures and they led you around and around into circles, just like the chakras themselves.  He then would give us a complete kundalini kriya that would balance the chakras, awaken the Kundalini, and would strengthen different aspects of the body, mind, and Self."    M.S.S. Gurucharan Singh Khalsa, Ph.D.

One can spend a lifetime reading about the chakras, and still not make any real progress in life.  Reading about chakras can be a lot of fun, but to experience and balance them is "out of this world."  This technology is called the "Science of Kundalini Yoga and Humanology," I have been practicing and teaching this for over 29 years and it works. 
No, I am not sleeping, I am energizing my 3rd Chakra, or Navel Point!
The longer I can hold my legs, up the stronger my 3rd Chakra is!
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If you truly want to know more about the chakras, then by this outstanding book about the chakras, or the Eight Human Talents, by Gurmukh.  It is easy and fun to read, full of mind-opening information, and full of exercises and meditations to open and balance your eight chakras. 

"Lust, anger, greed, pride, and attachment are human qualities that result from the imbalance of the eight energy centers called chakras.  When these imbalances settlein, we often experience mental or physical problems."
Energy Maps - A Journey Through The Chakras, by Gurudarshan Kaur Khalsa, is a good manual on the chakras, that explanes them in simple english. There are two exercise sets for each chakra - to experience and ballance them.

"The name of this book is Energy Maps, and basically we will be exploring our own internal energy universe.   Chakras are the countries that we will be exploring in theis energy world."
-Gurudarshan Kaur Khalsa
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