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Raising The Kundalini Energy Through Divine Sex.
Picture from "Kundalini and the Chakras," by Genevieve Lewis Paulson, © 1993.  Liewellyn Pub. Inc.  Color added by RDBSK.
Yogi Bhajan, who is a master of Tantric Yoga, has said:

"That there is actually three types of Tantric Yoga.  One is White Tantric Yoga that can remove the garbage from your subconscious mind, which blocks you from seeing your real self.  It does involve the male & female energy, and does not involve sexual intercourse, nor do you take off your clothes.  The second is Red Tantric and directs the energy for sensual purposes.  And the third is Black Tantric that directs the energy to manipulate another human being.  All other forms of Tantra, are an offshoot of this."        -Yogi Bhajan
Having done over one thousand White Tantric Yoga Kriyas since 1975, I can tell you that White Tantric Yoga is the ultimate technique or science, to erase one's karma and dis-ease.  It is so powerful that White Tantric Yoga must be done with the support and the guidance of the Mahan Tantric Teacher to direct and regulate the flow of energy.  He plugs into infinity and then into us, our finite-self.  He then directs the energy with care and supervision, as Tantric can release a lot of subconscious traumas, toxic emotions, and poisons from ourselves. 
Before Yogi Bhajan taught it openly and to anyone, you had to go through many years of service (karma and bhakti yoga), including the mastery of Kundalini Yoga first, before you could participate in White Tantric Yoga.  Today anyone can participate, thanks to the blessings of Yogi Bhajan.
Let's look in  the Encyclopedic Dictionary of Yoga, an see what it says about Tantra.
"Tantra  is derived from the root tan, to extend or expand."  

Tantra does not mean to expand a man's six inches into twelve inches.  There is a lot more to life, then a ten to twenty second orgasm between the legs. 
It was over twenty-eight years ago, when I picked up my first book on Tantric Yoga.  Having Scorpio as my Sun sign, and having a fully functional sex organ, my 2nd chakra woke up at the thought of having sexual intercourse with a female, and using that experience to achieve  enlightenment.   Like many of us, long ago, I new nothing about tantra and very little about yoga.  When it came to the chakras, or centers of consciousness that we have throughout our body, I was at a lost to understand them and how they related to Tantric sex.  At that time, I was into hypnosis, parapsychology and metaphysics, and there wasn't  a lot of information available on the subject of tantra.  Even today, many people still don't fully realize what tantra truly is.  They look at a book called the Kama Sutra, at all those sexual positions, and think that is Tantra or Tantric Yoga.  
 Sexual Intercourse Is Not Red Tantra Yoga,
 Without Cosmic Intercourse.
To find out about sex you have to look into Red Tantric Yoga.  And sex  is just a very small part of the red tantric yoga experience.  Tantra is to use the experience - to expand into infinity.  We take the finite self and expand into the Infinite-self, as the Infinite comes into the finite.  When this happens, you and your partner will become one (Ek-Ong-Kar).  In this oneness - you will know and be everything - in the oneness of it all.  This is what enlightenment is.  As you become the transparent light - you can see all.  There will be nothing unknown to you.  Can you even believe that concept?  Many of you reading this, will know what I am saying, and some or you may have even experienced it, or at least a perception of it.  So what happened to the true teachings of Tantric Yoga?
I think we all get the picture; what is supposed to be Yoga or union with the Divine-Self, is nothing more than union with the physical self.  Sex, Sex, and more Sex.  Let's get into the science of it.  When our energy is blocked at our 2nd  chakra, and our higher chakras are not open, then we become preoccupied with sex.  Sex on a low level, just for the indulgence of it.  It may even be to the extent of perverse or rape.  We will find ourselves out of control - until we get our chakras balanced and in-control.  If our 3rd chakra (our power center) is undercharged, men will lack the energy to even get it up, and women will say, I'm too tried.  If overcharged, we can become a sex maniac, or a slave to our six inches.
"Though a man may be six feet tall, 
most men are ruled by their six inches."
                                          -Yogi Bhajan
I  know sex can be one of the most pleasurable experiences, full of more joy and delight than you can possibly imagine.  It can bring such a bliss or ecstasy into you, that you will feel and think you are in heaven. Let  us look into a couple of books and have a look see.
"In the Taoist Secrets of Love," by Mantak Chia he says:

"A total orgasm of the body and mind might be described as a showering of nectar from the head, running down your insides like a springtime shower.  It is a wave of subtle chi energy that breaks up muscle armoring, releases nerve and lymphatic tension, and opens up hidden powers of feeling."
In "Sexual Secrets," by Nik Douglas & Penny Slinger it says:

"The union of man and women is like the mating of Heaven and Earth.  It is because of their correct mating that Heaven and Earth last forever.  Humans have lost this secret and have therefore become mortal.  By knowing it, the Path to Immortality is open. (Shang-Ku-San-Tai).   
Ram Dass Bir Singh and Sharona Peforming A White Tantric Yoga Kriya,
Using The Mahan Tantric Energy To Open and Ballance the Cahkras.
"When you are having physical intercourse, and the love game is perfectly divine, she totally merges in you, and she is totally supportive of you, and she is playing the game, and you are ejaculating, and two ejaculations are happening.  One will be in the lower area of your male organ, and the other will be in your head.  If ever that should happen to you, one symptom and sign of it is, that you will be aware of what is happening in the universe and universes beyond, but you won't move physically.  This can only happen if the woman is perfectly with you, is 100% supportive, 100% projective, 100% cooperating, and 100% your mate.  You are mating with your mate, and the meeting is very, very, meditative."  
-Yogi Bhajan  (From The Ancient Art of Self-Healing.)
Venus Kriya 
Of A Couple Sending Pranic Enegy Into Each Other.
Picture from: Sexuality & Spirituality, by Dr. Gururattan Kaur Khalsa, and Ann Marie Maxwell, copyright 1989.  Color added by RDBSK.
How many of you know that in India, Tibet, Nepal, China and Japan, that sexuality has long been regarded as both an art and a science?  The eastern view of life is, that no life is complete without a thorough knowledge of the sexual principals underlying all existence.  Today most of their science regarding intercourse, has been lost into the vast ocean of desire for more physical sex.  How many quickies have you put under your belt?  And if it isn't quickies, it's immoral to even think about sex, much less talk about it.  Despite the fact that the word immoral comes from the Latin word morâlis, meaning custom, many of us have become very accustomed to either running away from sex, or directly into it.  Granted, some of us keep running after sex, but never seem to find it.  And some yogis, celibates, or monks, don't even desire to find sex, or learn about it.  However if no one on this planet ever had sex, than we would all be dead in about 100 years.  

Having intercourse between two consenting adults, when performed with the proper care, knowledge, and techniques - can not only be a very pleasurable experience, a very energizing and healing experience, it can give one the experience of God-Consciousness.  
A good book on this subject and the first one I would highly recommend is: "The Art Of Making Sex Sacred,by S.S. Guru Terath Kaur Khalsa Ph.D., copyright 1998, pictured above.  It is full of Kundalini Yoga, or Yogic practices to revitalize and transmit sexual energy, it contains Venus Kriyas and meditations for couples, and a chapter on sexy foods.
"Tantra is to worship the Goddess, The Shakti or female.  It is through her that we are all born.  And it is through this body that we are all liberated."

"Male And Female Make A Union, And This Complete Union, Is The Greatest Yoga."
-Yogi Bhajan
As you can see, Tantra is to "expand the mind", and when sex is only between the legs it does very little to develop the mind.  Sex is only a small part of the totality of Tantra.  In "Tools For Tantra"by Harish Johari ©1986, it says:

        "Tantra is a holistic approach to the study of the universal, from the point of view of the individual: the study of the macrocosm through the study of the microcosm. It draws on all the sciences: astronomy, astrology, numerology, physiognomy, physics, chemistry, alchemy, Ayurveda (the traditional medicine of India), psychology, parapsychology, mathematics, geometry, and so on, to provide a practical means of realizing the highest ideals of philosophy in daily life. Instead of separating and categorizing the different areas of human knowledge, Tantra draws them together like beads on one string. The beautiful rosary thus formed is a unique instrument for enhancing the physical, mental, and spiritual life of man and woman."
Raising The Kundalini Energy & Opening The Crown Chakra - Through Tantric Union.
Picture from Ecstasy Through Tantra, by John Mumford, copyright 1988 Liewellyn Pub.  Color & white light by RDBSK.
"Tantra is to worship the Goddess, The Shakti or female.  It is through her that we are all born.  And it is through this body that we are all liberated."
-Ram Dass Bir Singh Khalsa
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"The problem is that when man could not consciously relate to the reality of the Infinity, then came Red Tantric.  Let us physically enjoy six women, one man, three men, one women, upside left, rightside down, crawl around, do this, bend forward, bend backwards, bend left, bend right.  This posture is better, that posture is better."  -Yogi BhajanClick here to add text.
In "Kundalini Yoga, Flow of Energy," by Dr. Dyal Singh Khalsa, we have some very enlightening information: 
"Sexual intercourse, between a man and a woman is the relay of energy through the physical body, to the auric body, to the pranic body, and to the radiant body, which gives everlasting fulfillment.  If properly done, it will give each other the equivalent of FIVE YEARS OF ENERGY, one year per tattwa."  
Five years of energy!  We have five basic elements called tattwas that make us who we are.  We have a total of ten bodies including our physical, auric, and pranic body.  We have eight chakras or centers of energy.  One chakra is connected to our sex organ.  The tantric experience may start in our creative sex chakra, but it must expand to include all the chakras and bodies - into the radiance of the total selves.  Here is my favorite quote from the Mahan Tantric Master.  This quote is the real essence of  Divine Intercourse.Click here to add text.
Anyone truly interested in the the yoga sets and meditations of the real Tantric Yoga - should have this book pictured above, it's called: "Sexuality & Spirituality, with the Kundalini Yoga Sets and Meditations of Yogi Bhajan,by Dr. Gururattan Kaur Khalsa, and Ann Marie Maxwell, cipyright 1989.  It has numerous Kundalini Yoga and Venus Kriyas, with meditations, to prepare one for any type of Tantra Yoga or sex.  Buy this at a great yoga site - www.kundaliniyoga.orgClick here to add text.
A very good manual, full of Venus Kriyas and Kundalini yoga with Lectures by Yogi Bhajan is called:  "Relax & Rejoice - A Marriage Manual," by Yogi Bhajan, compiled by S.S. Vikram Kaur Khalsa and Dharm Darsha Kaur Khalsa.  There are two separate volumes, copyright 1982, get them both; as it's a lot less expensive than all the money we spend on sex toys, not to mention the wining and dining. Can one really put a price on Cosmic Sex.  (Not Pictured)

If you want to have every facet of sex explained to you.  If you like reading fun stories - some shocking and eye oping - than buy this book: "Sacred Sexual Bliss - A Technology for Ecstasy," by Sat-Kaur Khalsa, Ed.D. copyright 2000. 

Call the Ancient Healing Ways at 1-800-359-2940 to order the above books or to receive their free catalog.  On the web - www.a-healing,com
"The sexual union is actually and absolutely divine.  It provides an experience that man can find in any experience - that of God-Consciousness."  
-Yogi Bhajan

But when one has a quickie or overindulges in sexual intercourse, it can be a drain on one's energy, open the doors for sickness and disease, and shut down ones Higher-Consciousness, as it takes one into their shallow self.  Men especially should not overindulge in having a physical orgasm, especially masturbation.  (Sorry guys.)  It has to do with one of the life forces, called semen or Bindu.Click here to add text.
"A man's semen contains all the vitamins, and minerals that he needs.  One should bring this semen or Bindu up his spine, so that it may become Ojas [life force] and distribute it throughout his body. It takes Eighty bites of food, when fully digested, to give you one drop of blood.  Eighty drops of pure blood makes one drop of semen.  A man needs 90% of his semen, to maintain his body."  
-Yogi Bhajan

The other circumstance is that when two people experience intercourse together, they exchange energy.  If one person is low in energy or full of garbage (karma), than the other person can be drained of their energy, and even take on some of that person's karma.

"If you have sex with someone, than half of all energy, or the effects from all the yoga that you did for one full year, goes into your partner."    
  -Yogi BhajanClick here to add text.
So remember, if you are looking for a twenty second orgasm, then so be it.  I have nothing against that.  And I will never pass judgment on anyone.  You do what you want, just don't use people and abuse people, because in the end you will just be hurting the other person, yourself, and creating karma for yourself.  Is it really worth twenty seconds?

In "Sexuality As A Sacred Meditation," by S.S. Guru Terath Kaur Khalsa Ph.D. ã 1989, she says:

"Sexual intercourse is not a relationship between his penis and her vagina.  It is total merger of their polarities, auras, spirits and consciousness.  Appreciating and respecting this can bring a blissful merger for both on the highest spiritual levels.  "Sex is a sacred act, created by God, which if done consciously, can take the couple straight to God."  [Whatever our concept of God is, it will take us to that concept.]
The problem is, that when two people are madly in love with each other, and their physical passion is starting to boil, that's when they often get stuck and relate only to those sexual desires, and forget their original spiritual aspirations.  Being attracted to someone with a lot of physical passion and chemistry, may only lead to mad passionate sex.  Remember, it's the soul inside the person that matters.  Not how big her or his might be.  The body is just a tool or vehicle to get there.  And this vehicle needs to be tuned up, running properly, and able to connect to your partners spiritual energy.  There is a lot more to Tantra, than just Sexual Desire or Romantic Love.

"You should have your three nervous systems in balance before you start intercourse.  If the parasympathetic nervous system is out of balance, the man will have difficulty getting an erection.  If his sympathetic nervous system is out of action, he will ejaculate quickly.  If your action nervous system is out of balance, he will have a problem ejaculating at all.  Kundalini Yoga corrects these problems." 
-Yogi BhajanClick here to add text.
It can take months, if not years of Kundalini Yoga to strengthen the nervous system, purify the body and prepare the mind, before one can truly practice Red Tantric Yoga and raise the energy beyond the second chakra.  This energy is called the Kundalini.  It has many names from the Life Force, to the force behind the Prana, also called Chi or Ji.  Yogi Bhajan calls it the "Blueprint of our Soul."  It is already contained within us, at the base of our spine, and just needs to be elevated up our spine and into our life, that we may know and experience our soul.  If we are not ready to experience and know our soul, we could get lost in all the garbage that may be in the way.  There is a way to deal with the garbage effetely, it's called a Venus Kriya.  Venus kriyas are similar to White Tantra, except you don't need the guidance of the Mahan Tantric Teacher.  It uses the guidance of the mantra "Ong Namo Guru Dev Namo," to regulate the fusion of the male and female energy.  It should be learned from a certified Kundalini Research Institute, (K.R.I.) instructor of Kundalini Yoga - www.kundaliniyoga.com
Want More - Then Read On

Sex, sex and more sex.  I can not stress enough, that Tantra is not just Sex.  In "Ecstasy Through Tantra," by Dr. John Mumford ©1988, he states that:

"Tantric sexuality is the dimension of sex for consciousness expansion.  One possible translation of the Sanskrit prefix Tan is 'expand,' while tra means 'liberate' so Tantra becomes that which first 'expands' and then 'liberates' the mind.  A colloquial translation of Tantra would be mind-blowing."

For those of you who have had a mind-blowing experience, and for those who haven't, you are in for an explosion that is beyond sex.  The trick is to have an "eruption in the mind", not just between your ?

Let's look at another book called, "The Tantric Way," by Ajit Mookerjee & Madhu Khanna ©1977, it is stated that:Click here to add text.
"Tantra is a Sanskrit word derived from the root 'tan,'  to expand.  From this point of view the tantra means knowledge of a systematic and scientific experimental method which offers the possibility of expanding man's consciousness and faculties, a process through which the individuals inherent spiritual powers can be realized.  In a looser sense, the term tantra is used as a label for any form of 'expanded' literature that is remotely, if at all, associated with the doctrines of tantra.  In such cases, the word is used almost as a 'suffix' (like the term 'sastra') to indicate a systematic treatise."

"Care, therefore, should be taken to differentiate between original scriptures and pseudo-tantras.  Rakshasi Tantra and many other similar texts, for instance, are not part of the authoritative doctrine.  Because of its interchangeable connotations, the term tantra has been subject to a great deal of misinterpretation and is sometimes wrongly associated with spurious practices, vulgarizing it to the level of a fad."Click here to add text.
I do not want to get to technical and I certainly do not want to bore you.  After all, sex should be fun and reading about it should also be fun.  But when someone wants to have only the fun of sex, just a physical orgasm, and tells you that is Tantra or Red Tantric Yoga, he is misinformed, lying, or just plane horny.  If someone wants to have a five minute quickie, or an orgy, than go for it (if you don't mind the karma). But do not have an orgy and tell someone that it is Tantric Yoga, just to seduce them.
"If you screw someone by misleading or deceptive means, than it is you who will be screwed, by karma, in the end." 
-Ram Dass Bir Singh KhalsaClick here to add text.
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